I'm not surprised but I'm saddened by this news. I was just telling my college friends some memories about her, last time and now I'm hearing this news. It's sad, that she's not here with us anymore. She was a part of my student life, though I don't know if she still remember me due … Continue reading Homage


A letter to my working self

Hey! I bet you're making your own money now. I hope you're not getting money from your parents anymore instead you're the one giving it to them. Please do not ever think that you're above someone else just because you can earn by yourself now. Remember all the promises that you've made that you will … Continue reading A letter to my working self

Note to self:

Do not force yourself to do something that your heart and mind isn't willing to do. (At this moment). Take a break, you're not playing for the National team you don't need to win. This isn't a competition. You're here to be yourself, so be yourself.


People nowadays love to shame people with different perspective as them in social media. Do you think that calling them idiot, stupid and other derogatory terms make you intelligent and better? We befriend and compliments those who share their opinions wrapped up in eloquent words with the same perspective as we have, but shame those … Continue reading Views