I’m not surprised but I’m saddened by this news. I was just telling my college friends some memories about her, last time and now I’m hearing this news. It’s sad, that she’s not here with us anymore.

She was a part of my student life, though I don’t know if she still remember me due to her old age but I will definitely miss her, even though our section is her “sakit ng ulo” when she was our adviser, she was our protector. She never let us go to the coordinator’s office even though we’re late since it’s bad for our record. She always let us play around our classroom. She supported my cousin when he joined Mr. Intrams and she let us leave our bags in the classroom and get it back the next morning so that we can go home early.

Ma’am, I’m sorry that we scare you saying that the janitor who passed away will show up and hunt you because you’re always giving him orders. I’m sorry that me and my cousin are always late in your class, it was my fault. I’m sorry that I took a picture of you while my classmate is reporting and thank you for letting me off the hook easily.

Thank you for all the lessons that you’ve taught us, thank you for being a good adviser during our freshmen year, Thank you for giving me higher grades even though I only wrote the lyrics of the song “Can’t stand it” on your essay type of exam, thank you for telling us the story of “The Baker King” (you were already a Kdrama fan even before the Kdrama craze begins, although you only watched the tagalized version) whenever we ask you what happened to the latest episodes even though you know that we only ask about it for you to not start the lesson for that day.

To my first ever highschool adviser, Thank you and I’ll mark your words ma’am.

Rest in Peace


A letter to my working self


I bet you’re making your own money now. I hope you’re not getting money from your parents anymore instead you’re the one giving it to them.

Please do not ever think that you’re above someone else just because you can earn by yourself now. Remember all the promises that you’ve made that you will always give back to those people who helps and need you. Please do not forget that you’re working not only for yourself but also for your family and your church.

Do not change, I mean Change for the better but never lose sight of your past. All your promises to yourself, please I that hope your keeping them. I believe that you’re doing what you love, you’re enjoying your job and you’re making your parents and the people who supported you proud but even if that’s not the case please remember the college student you, the 21 year old you is very proud with whatever path you’ll choose. Be strong even if you’re not doing the things you want at the moment, don’t worry you’ll get there.

Keep serving the Lord, don’t lose hope, see the beauty in everything and be joyous. I know that life can be hard, it has its ups and downs but like you’re positive younger self, never look on the negative side of things and never let it overpower your happiness.


Your graduating self.

Last Night’s Late Drive and Other Happenings

Last night, my sisters, cousins and I went on a late night drive. It was kind of like a reunion since we haven’t been together for a long time already (although we’re not complete). Our original plan was to go to Puerto Galera for a beach getaway but since we haven’t got that much time we settled for a joyride. It was a ride filled with laughter and nonsense noise.

We went to Manila bay and plan to eat there, we bought a lot of foods from different food stores so that we can eat there but in the end we went home to eat hahaha we find it uncomfortable to do a “picnic” at that time and place so we’ve decided to just go home.

My group mates on Feasibilty Study decided to meet up in one of our classmates house and I told them that I couldn’t go because I might have something to do and here it is, the reason why I can’t go with them is because our cousins are finally in Manila and it’s a once in a blue moon happening. So if one of my group mates read this blog you already know the reason hahaha.

I’ve been waiting for the book that I ordered online to be delivered and I’m really excited about it. I’ve been continuously checking FB for announcement about the delivery date and I think that it will be delivered this week.

I’m also planning to buy the I Watched Him Fall For Someone Else book but I don’t know if I would be able to save money for it. I really want to buy it since I love the story *it was published in Wattpad* and I like the cover of the book.

My sister and her boyfriend went to Divisoria to do something and I hope they would be able to buy the microphone for me.

I wrote my thoughts about the recent talks about “suicide” and I do think that it will be offending to some so I’ve decided to not post it here since the Internet can be a very scary place. But all in all the conclusion in that written thoughts is if ever you feel down, depressed or if you ever feel that no one will understand you and other negative thoughts try to talk to someone, try to share your feelings, read your Bible and inspirational quotes and don’t let the negativity consume you although I know it’s easier said than done but at least try, it might be of help.

Today’s Happenings July 21, 2017 (Friday)

Today is the second day of our Prelim exams and I haven’t reviewed anything yet. Yesterday I took the exam without opening my notes in Product Management and I actually don’t know how I survived that.
Right now, I’m going to try to review but I don’t know if I would be able to since I’m already distracted.

K.A.R.D, the newest coed group in K-pop scene debuted. They’ve been active even before they debuted and I really like their music and their concept. J.seph, has been crawling his way up in my heart because he’s so cute hahaha.

Unpopular Opinion

As of this moment, I like/ship J.seph and Somin more. (I used to ship Somin with BM)

I’ve been feeling hollow this past few days (after I finished Fight for my way) because I can’t move on from Dong man and Ae ra. Until now they’re still hunting me. Watching them makes me want to fall in love.

Side Note

I can see Teen top’s Changjo in Park Seo Joon especially in FFMW.

Past talk

I’ve watched a certain video on YouTube (I’ll be linking it down) that makes me feel emotional… I don’t know it just feels nostalgic, it feels raw, it feels real.

I grew up in what we say “The Potter Generation” and watching that video takes me back to those times where I didn’t think much of the future, those times where going to Hogwarts was my ultimate dream and waiting for the rerun of the movie every Christmas eve was the best feeling. I feel innocent, I feel happy. That was my childhood.

Then it dawn unto me it’s over, so was my childhood, so was my innocent self. I grew up and reality happened there’s no magic, no Hogwarts, no Harry and his friends. In real life what we have are real problems that we have to face everyday and it’s sad that what we had now are just memories waiting to be remembered and sometimes forgotten.


Here’s the link to the video: https://youtu.be/d0t9uVq4qU4

I would recommend to watch a lot of videos from the uploader. You’ll enjoy it. 😊

RM’s Word of Wisdom

You’re probably wondering who or what is RM? Well it stands for Rap Monster, He is the leader of the South Korean boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys).

He once said that “Life is a series of continuous wandering, you’ll feel lost at some point in your life and that’s natural.” This words actually hits me hard because I am one of those people who once feel lost. At that time I’ve been feeling worthless because I don’t have a clear goal of what I really want to do in my life, unlike those people around me.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve taken a 1-year break after high school because I don’t know what course to take. During that time I feel vision-less if that’s even a word. I kept thinking “Why am I like this?”,”What is really my dream?”,”Why am I so passive?”. I feel pathetic, I feel down and it doesn’t help that the people around me calls me “tambay”(A tambay is a person who doesn’t work and doesn’t go to school. A person whose always at home doing nothing). They were like “Since you don’t have a dream do this and do that, since you’re not studying be obedient and do what I say”. And it doesn’t help, really.

Entering college does help but there are some little regrets. Since I enter college with the mindset of having to do something so that people around me would stop calling me dreamless. I chose my course (Business Administration) without thinking too much about it, 3 years later I realized that this is not the path that I really want to take (I want to be a teacher). I mean, I do love the course that I’ve taken it’s just that it is not what I really wanted. But hey! don’t worry I can still be a teacher in the future. Right now, I’m enjoying the path that I’ve taken, although there are some regrets but I’ve learned to love the choice that I’ve made.

I just wish that during those times where I feel lost, I encountered Rap Monster’s words so that I wouldn’t feel so bad about myself.

Let me tell you this, don’t succumb to that negative feeling, don’t feed your mind with pessimistic thoughts and don’t belittle yourself just because you don’t know what path to take. Let yourself explore and travel this “seemingly endless” journey called life. Be lost because you’ll always find “Your” own road, so keep going.