Past talk

I’ve watched a certain video on YouTube (I’ll be linking it down) that makes me feel emotional… I don’t know it just feels nostalgic, it feels raw, it feels real.

I grew up in what we say “The Potter Generation” and watching that video takes me back to those times where I didn’t think much of the future, those times where going to Hogwarts was my ultimate dream and waiting for the rerun of the movie every Christmas eve was the best feeling. I feel innocent, I feel happy. That was my childhood.

Then it dawn unto me it’s over, so was my childhood, so was my innocent self. I grew up and reality happened there’s no magic, no Hogwarts, no Harry and his friends. In real life what we have are real problems that we have to face everyday and it’s sad that what we had now are just memories waiting to be remembered and sometimes forgotten.


Here’s the link to the video:

I would recommend to watch a lot of videos from the uploader. You’ll enjoy it. 😊


Author: astrthktrn

I'd like to keep my name private. But other than that, I'll keep some information about me public through this blog.

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