Last Night’s Late Drive and Other Happenings

Last night, my sisters, cousins and I went on a late night drive. It was kind of like a reunion since we haven’t been together for a long time already (although we’re not complete). Our original plan was to go to Puerto Galera for a beach getaway but since we haven’t got that much time we settled for a joyride. It was a ride filled with laughter and nonsense noise.

We went to Manila bay and plan to eat there, we bought a lot of foods from different food stores so that we can eat there but in the end we went home to eat hahaha we find it uncomfortable to do a “picnic” at that time and place so we’ve decided to just go home.

My group mates on Feasibilty Study decided to meet up in one of our classmates house and I told them that I couldn’t go because I might have something to do and here it is, the reason why I can’t go with them is because our cousins are finally in Manila and it’s a once in a blue moon happening. So if one of my group mates read this blog you already know the reason hahaha.

I’ve been waiting for the book that I ordered online to be delivered and I’m really excited about it. I’ve been continuously checking FB for announcement about the delivery date and I think that it will be delivered this week.

I’m also planning to buy the I Watched Him Fall For Someone Else book but I don’t know if I would be able to save money for it. I really want to buy it since I love the story *it was published in Wattpad* and I like the cover of the book.

My sister and her boyfriend went to Divisoria to do something and I hope they would be able to buy the microphone for me.

I wrote my thoughts about the recent talks about “suicide” and I do think that it will be offending to some so I’ve decided to not post it here since the Internet can be a very scary place. But all in all the conclusion in that written thoughts is if ever you feel down, depressed or if you ever feel that no one will understand you and other negative thoughts try to talk to someone, try to share your feelings, read your Bible and inspirational quotes and don’t let the negativity consume you although I know it’s easier said than done but at least try, it might be of help.


Author: astrthktrn

I'd like to keep my name private. But other than that, I'll keep some information about me public through this blog.

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