I’m not surprised but I’m saddened by this news. I was just telling my college friends some memories about her, last time and now I’m hearing this news. It’s sad, that she’s not here with us anymore.

She was a part of my student life, though I don’t know if she still remember me due to her old age but I will definitely miss her, even though our section is her “sakit ng ulo” when she was our adviser, she was our protector. She never let us go to the coordinator’s office even though we’re late since it’s bad for our record. She always let us play around our classroom. She supported my cousin when he joined Mr. Intrams and she let us leave our bags in the classroom and get it back the next morning so that we can go home early.

Ma’am, I’m sorry that we scare you saying that the janitor who passed away will show up and hunt you because you’re always giving him orders. I’m sorry that me and my cousin are always late in your class, it was my fault. I’m sorry that I took a picture of you while my classmate is reporting and thank you for letting me off the hook easily.

Thank you for all the lessons that you’ve taught us, thank you for being a good adviser during our freshmen year, Thank you for giving me higher grades even though I only wrote the lyrics of the song “Can’t stand it” on your essay type of exam, thank you for telling us the story of “The Baker King” (you were already a Kdrama fan even before the Kdrama craze begins, although you only watched the tagalized version) whenever we ask you what happened to the latest episodes even though you know that we only ask about it for you to not start the lesson for that day.

To my first ever highschool adviser, Thank you and I’ll mark your words ma’am.

Rest in Peace


Author: astrthktrn

I'd like to keep my name private. But other than that, I'll keep some information about me public through this blog.

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