What I’m grateful for this past few days

In life there are a lot of sadness, problems and anger that sometimes we were very focused on those negativity rather than the positive things. So I told myself to start noticing the little things that makes me happy and thankful because we can see the beauty of life/in everything if we look at it on a positive view.

Things that I’m grateful for…

  • My cousins in Manila

I’ve got to bond with my cousins on my Father’s side which happens once in a while and will not happen for a very long time since one of them will go back to Dubai for work so it will be hard for us to meet for a while but at least we’ve got a chance to do something before he goes abroad.

  • 1st year HS classmates mini reunion

I know that the reason why we were able to get together is not something to be celebrated (we meet up because our adviser passed away) but I’m still thankful because we were able to bond, reminisce about the past and catch up with each other.

  • Enlightenment

Some youth in our church (including me) decided to join a youth fellowship and I just feel enlightened, privileged and thankful that I’m in our church after listening to their teachings (I’m not gonna go in full details).

  • A time for schooling rest

I do feel that this past few days was a mini break from school. Classes are suspended because of the typhoon. I feel relaxed in a way since there weren’t any school works to think about, the prelims are over and I love rains especially the sound of it, it’s relaxing.

  • My fangirl heart is happy

I was able to buy the magazine that featured one of my favorite authors, Jonaxx. Though I haven’t found her book (Heartless) under her own imprint (Majesty Press) yet, I’m still happy.


Author: astrthktrn

I'd like to keep my name private. But other than that, I'll keep some information about me public through this blog.

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