Current Obsessions

Since I’ve run out of things to say and rant about in this blog and I do feel obliged to post something in here — because that’s the promise that I’ve made to myself so that in the future I will have something to reminisce and laugh about –, I’ll talk about my current obsessions.

  1. The first one would be my love for Jess and Gabriel.

–  I happen to stumble upon this YouTube couple this last few days. I mean I’ve known Gabriel ever since his Vines and Facebook days and I’m very well aware about him getting married. But I haven’t watched any of their YouTube vlogs/videos before until I’ve read Just the Strings by beeyotch. But I haven’t binge watch their vlogs since I’m very focused on finding something to read during that time.

Now, after watching a couple of their vlogs — together and separately — I’m very proud to call myself a part of the ConTeam! hahahaha. They’re goals! And I love how Gabriel edit his videos.

2. MarCia ftw!

– Another ship! I found out about this MarCia ship on twitter, they are 2 Wattpad authors Marco Jose and Seeyara. I guess this ship started after MIBF and their fellow authors started this ship. Though the ship didn’t last that long.

3. Playing Melodica

– Well, well, well… I’ve found another musical instrument to play! My sister bought a melodica last, last week because she was inspired by a YouTuber LilyPichu and being a bandwagon that I am I also ask her to buy me one. It’s fun to play but it bothers a lot of people when I’m practicing so I have to find a secluded place just to be able to play it. But all in all I love it!

4. Magnetic Bookmarks

– I’ve been looking for magnetic stripe since I want to make my own magnetic bookmarks but I haven’t found one. I really, really want to make one, too bad I can’t find the materials that I will need.

5. Avalon

– My friend/classmate taught us about this game and we’ve been playing this in school for 2-3 weeks? It’s fun to play though until now I don’t think we’re playing it right.

6. Jack Frost! (The Rise of The Guardian)

– My love for Jack Frost suddenly came back after reading a Wattpad story based on him. And now, I’m planning to re-watch the movie so that I would be able to see him again hahaha.

I guess that’s all for my current obsessions!



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