Last Hurrah…


Yesterday, my friends and I decided to go out and enjoy as a present to ourselves for the stressed and school work problems that we’ve overcome over the semester. And this will be the last time that we’ll be able to do so since the group will probably be busy in our own way because we will now be starting our internship.

Anyways, we’ve decided to go for a swim and since it was planned for a long time — We’ve been planning this get-together swimming since August? I think. — we expected that the group will be complete on the said event. Honestly, when we were on the planning stage, I really don’t have any intention to go swimming, I’ve been making excuses so that my friends would change the plan to something else but it was not successful so I’ve decided to just go. But if you think that the plan will go smoothly just because it was discussed for a long time, of course you’re wrong. Because a group will always have that missing-in-action friend or friends that you would rarely find in a group-planned events.

But anyway, even with a 2 missing people in our group we were still able to enjoy the activity. We take pictures and videos underwater — shoutout to my friend, Em who keeps chatting me for the copy –. We played games, sing songs, and basically tire ourselves out. It actually feels like a family vacation during summer. We had a lot of foods that we actually need to take some home to avoid spoilage. It was really fun.

It might be the last time that we got to hang out as students since the next one would probably be our graduation, and I plan to treasure this moments as a really wonderful memories that makes my college life more memorable.

Last week, I realized that I won’t be able to use my school uniform anymore and it makes me emotional. It’s shallow but I’m thinking that if with just a school uniform I already feel emotional and on the verge of crying what more during graduation? I feel like I’ll cry my heart out.

Anyhoo, I’ll definitely miss my college friends. You guys are one of the reasons why I didn’t give up this course even though I’m super close to shifting. You definitely make me enjoy my decision of staying and you bring out the most beautiful memories of my college life. I hope in the future we can still find time to bond and hang out with each other even with our busy schedules. I wish that you guys will find happiness, success and contentment with your different endeavors. I want to say Happy G_________ but I’ll probably say it when that time comes.

I love you guys! mwah!



Enjoy affordable Travels!

I love going on adventures, I especially am drawn to thrilling experiences. One of my most exciting experience was the canyoneering in Cebu. Swimming, sliding and jumping from falls to falls really pumps up my adrenaline.

The different sceneries, the ambiance and the memories are the things that makes traveling worthwhile.

But although I do love going to different places to make memories, we all know that traveling can be very pricey. And since I’m still a student, I don’t have enough money for traveling and it is one of my biggest frustrations!

Until now, I haven’t paid my sister for the money that I borrowed from her when we went to Cebu, It’s embarrassing. Don’t worry dear sister I’ll pay you after I graduate!

But the good thing was, I found an online travel agency that would answer my needs and wants in traveling. They offer budget-friendly hotel accommodations and tour destinations that makes traveling more affordable for us!

How cool is that? I just wish that I discover before we went to Cebu, in that case I wouldn’t have a big debt to my sister.

But anyways, If you have plans to visit the Philippines or if you’re already in the Philippines but want to explore the country. You don’t have to worry, I got your back. I have a badge that you can click and it will automatically lead you to the website where you can search for hotel accommodations and tour destinations that travelbook has for your easy searching. You can find the badge at the right side of my site(the sidebar) if you’re using a desktop, but if you’re using phone you can find it at the bottom of my every post — it’s under the “Looking for Something?” search bar.

I hope that you will be able to find the site helpful for your travel.

Happy Booking!

Life is worth living!

I know that I’m in no way authorized or rightful to write or talk about this certain topic, as I’ve never experience and knew no one who had experience this psychological melancholy that they call depression. But I do feel the need to do something and help raise people’s awareness regarding this topic.

Recently, depression is one of the most talked about issue in the Philippines. From a very well-known personality’s opinion about it, continuing to the world mental health day and it’s saddening that because of this, lives are being taken away from their love ones.

As what I’ve written earlier, I personally have no 1st or 2nd hand experience about this issue. I grew up to be a happy-go-lucky, go with the flow, enjoy life person. I mean I do overthink occasionally, but over the time I tend to forget about my problems and move on, though I remember posting here about my frustrations in life but yeah I do tend to not think about it anymore after expressing/writing about it — one of the reasons why I write –.

So even though I’m inexperienced I do hope that you’ll take this blog post seriously since mental health is not something to be taken lightly. Though I may sound ignorant with whatever I’m going to write in here, I hope that I may be of help to someone — who happens to stumble upon and read this post — that’s experiencing depression.

I won’t talk about how you can overcome it, since I myself wouldn’t know how. But I just wanted to be here for someone who feels or believe that no one will ever listen to them, or no one cares or that they don’t matter because someone will listen, someone will care and you matter. It might sound cliché but it’s true.

I’m posting this to support and that hopefully I can be of help with the little things that I can do. To let you know that someone out there is willing to lend their hands (and ears), willing to listen and someone who cares. The world is huge, You will be able to find someone who is zealous to be your anchor. They may be near or far from you physically but they care so please do not shut yourself off of people who are willing to be there for you.

Life is beautiful. Remember the joy, the good things. Your favorite things, your favorite books, scent, your favorite person. Isn’t it wonderful? I know you might feel that dying would be the best solution since you already feel dead inside but I want to tell you that there are a lot of great things out there that will make you feel and love living.

I will list down songs in here and if you ever feel down, left out, alone and unloved. Please listen to these songs, close your eyes and let the lyrics speak to you.

1. Life is beautiful – The Afters
2. The Words I would say – Sidewalk Prophets
3. By your side – Tenth Avenue North
4. You are loved (Don’t give up) – Josh Groban
5. Blessings – Laura Story
6. Gold – Britt Nicole
9. Shadowfeet – Brooke Fraser
10. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato
11. Fight Song – Rachel Platten
12. Life is worth living – Justin Bieber

And if you ever need someone to talk to, the Philippines has a “Depression and Suicide Prevention” hotline that you can call 24/7.


If you’re not from the Philippines, HERE is a list of suicide hotlines worldwide.

You can also contact me here and on Twitter if you ever need someone to talk to. I’m willing to listen and a lot of people are too.

Be strong. Love yourself. You are precious, You are loved. You are saved.

Life is worth living and worth fighting for. You are are stronger than depression. Overcome it!

Season Finale

Finally! I’m down to my very last college exam. After this sem, I wouldn’t be going to school that often since I’ll start my internship this coming semester.

Thinking about it makes me emotional. It just that all my life I’ve been going to school and now thinking about me not being able to go to school, no quizzes, assignment, recitations, it’s a mix of sadness and excitement. It’s sad that another season — that I’ve been doing most of my life — of my story comes to an end but also exciting for another one will soon be starting.

*sigh* I will really miss school after graduating…


Hey self, you’re almost there.

Don’t lose hope, just keep your faith.

You’ll do good, I mean greater things.

So self, don’t give up! Just do your thing.


October 4, 2017 (Wednesday)

One tuesday night I was browsing my fb timeline and saw that a friend of mine shared a post about an opening for internship in a well-known company. Since next semester would be my internship, I’ve decided to try and apply for this certain company. So I fill up the registration online but I didn’t expect that I would be noticed. I just want to try.  I’m like there’s nothing wrong with trying and even if I won’t pass it’s a good experience to be interviewed, at least you’ll be able to rate yourself on what you did wrong and what to improve in the future.

Then 2 days after I send the application, a text message caught my attention for it states that I’ve gotten myself a schedule for an exam and an interview. So I went and decided to go for it.

On the day of the scheduled interview, I was super excited and scared at the same time mainly because of two things; 1) A lot of schoolmates already tried for the position and they said that it’s hard to get in that company. So since I already have a preconceived notion about the said interview, I didn’t expect much but I told myself that I should do my best even if I wouldn’t be accepted. 2) I was scared of going to an unfamiliar place by myself. I’m not an outgoing person, My usual route is home and school only. If ever I need to go to a far/unfamiliar place, I usually have one or more companions. Even though I’m scared, I’m also thrilled on going in this mini-adventure.

When I arrived at ELJ Building’s recruitment hub, I was instructed to wait since I came a little early because I thought that the traffic would be heavy. While waiting, I saw someone being oriented. He’s given an ID and someone was already touring him around and I was like wow he’s already starting and I feel a little bit envious.

So after minutes of waiting I took the exam and although I didn’t get to finish it I do feel that I did good hahaha.

And then the dreaded interview comes which is hard to overcome — based on the rumors that my schoolmates spread –, It was nerve-wracking, I don’t even know if my grammar is correct, I just answer. I was just looking in the interviewer’s eye while answering and I don’t even know if I’m making any sense with what I’m saying.

We were told that an email will be sent to us informing us if we’re chosen or not and I don’t know if I did bad or good in that interview so I’m not expecting that I’ll be chosen at all.

After the interview, I went to school since I still have classes and I told my friends my experience and encourage them to apply in the same company. I even told them that we should make it a practice interview –we’re actually planning on going internship hunting and practive our interviewee skills–. I received a message and I unwillingly open it thinking that it’s just the usual NDRRMC or SMART, but when I read it, it states that I was selected for the internship program! I was really happy that time that I was celebrating even when our professor’s explaining our lesson and was about to throw me and my friends — who’s celebrating with me– out of the classroom.

It felt surreal, I was on the verge of crying at that time it was really overwhelming.

All in all it was a great experience and throught this I’ve learned new things about myself and I learn to be independent.

Thank you Lord for this great opportunity!

Opportunities are everywhere you just have to stand, walk, get out, do something and reach out so you can grab it.