Enjoy affordable Travels!

I love going on adventures, I especially am drawn to thrilling experiences. One of my most exciting experience was the canyoneering in Cebu. Swimming, sliding and jumping from falls to falls really pumps up my adrenaline.

The different sceneries, the ambiance and the memories are the things that makes traveling worthwhile.

But although I do love going to different places to make memories, we all know that traveling can be very pricey. And since I’m still a student, I don’t have enough money for traveling and it is one of my biggest frustrations!

Until now, I haven’t paid my sister for the money that I borrowed from her when we went to Cebu, It’s embarrassing. Don’t worry dear sister I’ll pay you after I graduate!

But the good thing was, I found an online travel agency that would answer my needs and wants in traveling. They offer budget-friendly hotel accommodations and tour destinations that makes traveling more affordable for us!

How cool is that? I just wish that I discover travelbook.ph before we went to Cebu, in that case I wouldn’t have a big debt to my sister.

But anyways, If you have plans to visit the Philippines or if you’re already in the Philippines but want to explore the country. You don’t have to worry, I got your back. I have a TravelBook.ph badge that you can click and it will automatically lead you to the travelbook.ph website where you can search for hotel accommodations and tour destinations that travelbook has for your easy searching. You can find the badge at the right side of my site(the sidebar) if you’re using a desktop, but if you’re using phone you can find it at the bottom of my every post — it’s under the “Looking for Something?” search bar.

I hope that you will be able to find the site helpful for your travel.

Happy Booking!


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