I haven’t been writing/posting in here for a long time. I’m not really that busy though. It’s just that I’ve already start my internship last week and the week before that was dedicated in getting all my requirements and enrollment. I told myself that I’ll follow a schedule of when to write but then I find it hard to find time. I remember when I first started I post a schedule of when I’ll update this blog but I didn’t even follow it. So I think I’ll just keep my schedule to my self and silently follow it.

Going back to the things that I’ve been doing for these past few days. I already start my internship last Tuesday and so far I’ve been enjoying it. I get to meet new people and I love the fact that it didn’t take that long for me to find someone to hang out with — I usually couldn’t hang out with people that I just met –. I get to see celebrities too since I’m doing my internship at a TV network.

I also get to experience the harsh reality of commuting. I actually don’t have any problems in transportation when I’m going to the office but when I’m going home it’s a disaster! My first two days of going home from the office was a nightmare. All the jeepney’s are full so I have to wait for a long time to get a ride. The second day of commuting from the office to home was probably on the top 5 of my most embarrassing moments! I rode a full-looking jeepney because the driver said that it still has seats for passengers so I tried to sit — during the process of me finding a sit, the jeepney already move — but you see, I TRIED to sit, the problem was there’s no place to sit so I keep pretending that I was okay and I’m sitting when the truth is I’m using my leg power to survive! But I couldn’t hold on for that long since I’m already tired from of my internship so I’ve decided to just sit on the jeepney floor which is more comfortable than pretending to sit. The lady sitting across from me looks like she wanted to do something so that I can sit, she kept asking a guy passenger to give me some space but I told her that it was okay. During that time I couldn’t look up at all because of the embarrassment. Anyway, I already found an alternative so that I can go home comfortably although it’s a little bit pricey but atleast I wouldn’t be having that kind of trouble again.

On a different note, I’ve been addicted to online shopping nowadays I just love the feeling of waiting and receiving a package. So all in all I ordered 5 books, a bag, a watch, and a planner. Is that too much? I wanted to buy more but you know, money.

Another thing that I did last week was to get a PSA copy of my birth certificate since I needed it for my passport appointment. I actually have the NSO copy of my birth certificate but I read online that the NSO copy is not accepted anymore and that they only accept the PSA copy.

I guess that’s all for today’s post. I need to edit my internship narrative report now so byeee…