Two notebooks, Four months and 500 hours later…

Every ending is the beginning of another something (what? hahaha). I’ve already finished my 500 hours of internship in ABS-CBN. I would say this was a great experience and possibly one of the most memorable one. As what I’ve mentioned before, I never thought I would be able to become an intern to a very well-known company moreover a TV network. Seeing celebrities and all was a great experience but other than that, I would say that the things that I’ve learned and the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout the program was more valuable. It’s an incredible experience. I mean, photocopying, printing, compiling documents where the “common” internship experience and my sister told me that her college friends, who also did their internship in the network, told her that the only benefit that they get is that they saw celebrities, but their workload was mostly photocopying things and they didn’t get to be that expose in their course-related work. But that’s not the case for me, since we were ask to present proposals, we were involved in a brainstorming activity, we do product shots and we also handled online inquiries and events which is related to my course (Marketing).

I was really excited in finishing this internship since that would mean that I’m literally a “Grad waiting” student but separation anxiety sure strike hard. I can’t seem to leave the office and I find it hard to say goodbye. I remember looking back while walking away, I remember the happy faces through the glass door, I remember the laugh as they told me the iconic words that they always use to tease me and I remember holding back the tears that really want to leave these eyes. The hugs, the words of encouragement, the words of appreciation for what we’ve done for the past months might’ve been just words for them but I really took it to heart and it gives me motivation to strive harder. Congratulating us for our upcoming graduation, wishing us luck for our future endeavors it makes me feel important even if we’re just an intern.


Wouldn’t be you

Do you know what’s worst?


It’s when you found out that he moved on.


When you’ve heard the story of how he had fought to keep his feelings,

Only for it to run away and leave him permanently.

It’s when you’ve realized that you’ve made the wrong decision to choose your dreams and grow first before him,

Just because you know that he’ll stay.


How you see him struggle through the poems that he had written,

Through the songs that he created

And through the words that he had spoken.


How every line pertains to you,

His love for you,

And all the emotions that he felt throughout the relationship.


How you find it hard listening to his newer songs,

Without realizing that the story wasn’t about his longing

And love for you anymore.


How he tell the story of his happiness that you happen

And that you will always be a part of who he was.


How he’s thankful for the love,

The hurt,

The memories that you’ve left.


How he’s fine with the way things happened,

Without bitterness, without sadness

Only acceptance, that your special participation in his story has ended.


How he brightly tell everyone how he WAS in love with you.

While you are STILL loving.


How you realized that in the future,

When you are still hoping for your happily ever after with him,

He already found the perfect woman.


And you will know through the songs that he will write,

That she will never leave,

She will choose to be with him while chasing her dreams,

And SHE wouldn’t be YOU…




This is unsatisfactory, but atleast I tried 😂😂