Marketing Vs Selling

Marketing is knowing the needs and wants of the consumer and producing goods/services based on that knowledge.

Selling is the action of exchanging goods/services for a price — oftentimes money –.

Basically Marketing is a way to know what to sell, where to sell, who to sell to, how will you sell and how much will you sell it. It provides goods and services at the right place, right price, in the most convenient way possible. Marketing’s main goal doesn’t only focus on sales and profit but also customer satisfaction.

Why did I write this? I was asked to differentiate marketing and selling in my job interview this morning, and that’s my non-verbatim, thought out, paraphrased answer which I didn’t get to say. Since the answer should be spontaneous and I didn’t have that much time to think about these words and just to vent out my disappointment, I wrote it.

Today’s Feedback from the interview: From you need to improve your communication skills to you have a good communication skills. I’m satisfied!


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