Anniversary Post?


Oh wow! I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I’ve started this blog. Congrats self for keeping up and for being able to continue.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my recent job interview wherein I do actually like the position that I’ve applied for and I’m hoping to get that “you’ve been accepted” text/call. I feel like I did a good job but I don’t know since I haven’t been contacted yet. I wanted that position since it’s related to my course and I do think that I’ll be able to learn a lot about Online stuffs through it.

Honestly it’s not that I’m always rejected to all my interviews, I did pass in some it’s just that I’m not really fond of the position that I’m offered in. You might be wondering why did you even apply if you don’t want the position? I applied in different companies for different positions to familiarize myself on how an interview goes, so that if I applied for a position/company that I really like, I would be more confident in answering questions especially in english.

I guess that’s all for this anniversary blog. I didn’t get to write much since I wasn’t able to plan the topic that I’ll talk about, but if anything comes to mind within the day, I would post more.