Astrith Katrin

The owner of this blog, which is me, don’t want to be named. I would like to keep it private. But other than that, I’ll keep some information about me public through this blog.

A frustrated writer, singer and dancer in short, I’m a frustrated girl char!, a full-blooded Filipina and a part-time fangirl.

I’m a lover and a hater of a lot of things and I don’t think that I would be able to say, more so write everything about me in a single post but if you want to get to know me better, reading my blogs would be the best way.


Why Goodnight Moon?

I do feel that I’m the kind of person whose brain is more prominent to thoughts in midnight rather than morning. So I called my blog Goodnight Moon because I feel like I’m most comfortable (in writing) during this time, so might as well say goodnight to the moon because a few hours later it’s time for him to go to sleep.
But mainly because I love the song Goodnight Moon by Go Radio 😏😏.