Lies, Deception, Betrayal

Why do people lie? You do good deeds to them but what do the repay you with? Betrayal. How can people have the audacity to deceive those who doesn't deserve it. How can people who you trust so well, befriended for a long time do cruel things at your back while showing kindheartedness in front … Continue reading Lies, Deception, Betrayal


How can I?

I hate me now For forcing myself to you. When you clearly don’t feel the butterflies, And your heart doesn’t react anymore. I hate me now, That you’re guilty for feeling that way I gave all of my love away, But why does your heart still change?   Baby, I tell you how much I … Continue reading How can I?

Hey self, you're almost there. Don't lose hope, just keep your faith. You'll do good, I mean greater things. So self, don't give up! Just do your thing.