Lies, Deception, Betrayal

Why do people lie? You do good deeds to them but what do the repay you with? Betrayal. How can people have the audacity to deceive those who doesn't deserve it. How can people who you trust so well, befriended for a long time do cruel things at your back while showing kindheartedness in front … Continue reading Lies, Deception, Betrayal



I'm terrified in making mistakes and receiving criticisms because of it. I know that I should suck it up and see my mistakes as an opportunity to be better but that's not the case, I usually sulk and lost my will and motivation to do things. This is what I've realized just recently, that I'm … Continue reading Nugatory

Note to self:

Do not force yourself to do something that your heart and mind isn't willing to do. (At this moment). Take a break, you're not playing for the National team you don't need to win. This isn't a competition. You're here to be yourself, so be yourself.