When will I not care?

When will I not care? About how people will see me, how I would be accepted, and how others will reject me. About everything that requires acknowledgement from other people. I'm contradicting myself saying that it wouldn't matter but deep inside it does and I don't like it, being a hypocrite saying, writing, sharing words … Continue reading When will I not care?


A light in the darkness

I used to think that college students are over-reacting when they say stuff about how hard being a college student is. Even when I was already in college I used to think that, "it's not even hard", "it's not even stressful" and "college is just like high school". But now I am eating those words. … Continue reading A light in the darkness


I'm regretting that I didn't start this blog and I didn't take journaling seriously earlier. I've been to a lot of places last year and I didn't get to write about it because I'm not writing passionately at that time. I've done a lot of adventurous things and I didn't get to express the memories … Continue reading Regrets?

And now everyone's being patriotic, everyone cares. The millennials are openly throwing their opinions on things. It doesn't matter how degrading it is to other people, it doesn't matter if it brings pain, as long as they get to share their thoughts, as long as they get to release their emotions.