Money, money…

These past few days I’ve been overspending my money for you know.. “undeserving things”. I actually promise myself that this coming semester I’m going to be very strict on my expenses since I need to save money and pay my liabilities. BUT! ever since the class starts I have not been saving money but ceaselessly spending them.

Last year, I’ve successfully saved money to buy a phone. After that, I’ve tried saving again but failed. Since I have lost my self-control *trying my best to regain them*, I Googled for ways on how to save money.

But first I want to share the formula that I’ve used to save money last year which I found very helpful.

Savings – Tithes = Expenses

I learned about this through our church and my Financial Management professor during my freshmen year in college. This simply means that after getting your salary or allowance, you have to deduct your savings and Tithes first then whatever’s left will be use as your expenses.

So going back to the tips about savings, here’s what I found that I think might work for me and might work for you too.

The 50-peso challenge. What you do in this challenge is everytime you were given or have a 50-peso bill you’re not allowed to spend it. You can spend other amount of bill but you have to keep the 50-peso unused or in one piece. You can change the 50-peso bill to any other amount depending on your preference.

*This is what me and my friends have been doing to save money and so far I’ve been doing fine so… if you’re a student I recommend you do this one.

The next one would be the 52-week challenge. I found out about this challenge through Pinterest and I find it interesting because at the end of the challenge you’ll save big amount. You’ll do this challenge for a year. So basically you choose your starting amount and you add that amount to your savings every week. For example you start this week with P20 next week you’ll save P40 then the week after you’ll save P60 then so on and so forth. Here’s the link for the more detailed explanation of the challenge if you wanted to try it.

P.S It’s in dollar since I can’t find the peso version but it’s basically the same.

*I wouldn’t recommend this one to students because after ilang weeks you’ll have to save almost a thousand peso per week which might be too much for a student.

The last one is the cash envelope system which I found in YouTube. I would say this one is more of a budgeting tip but it also does help in saving money.  In this system you need different envelopes for different expenses. So you have an envelope for savings, food expenses, travel expenses, beauty expenses etc.

*I would recommend this one to those people who handles money in a family usually mothers, since you can have an envelope for utility bills, school expenses, cleaning expenses etc.

Well, that’s all for the tips that I found on the Internet. I hope you found this post useful.


How to “Show, Don’t Tell”

A Writer's Path

by Chrys Cymri

I’m still getting used to the life of a self-published author, particularly in this age of Amazon and customer reviews. Authors are advised that books need to have reviews, the more reviews the better, even those which are not entirely positive.

In order to obtain those reviews, I’ve been involved in various ‘review exchanges.’ I read one writer’s book and post a review, and s/he does the same with one of mine. Better yet are the non-reciprocal reviews set up by groups on Goodreads, in which people sign up for a review round and the moderator ensures that you are not reviewing the work of someone who is reading your book. This is to ensure complete honesty.

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Day of Freedom

I’ve been contemplating if I’m going to blog something about the Philippine Independence day or not. I’ve been thinking what kind of things should I talk about. And after going through my social media accounts I found the #rp612fic, which kinda becomes a tradition to the newer generation (in the Philippines) every Independence Day.

If you’re not familiar with the #rp612fic, well basically it is a storytelling event in Twitter, kind of like a fan fiction/parody about the Philippine history. It is held every June 12 as a celebration for the Independence Day.

I’ve found a Facebook page that compiles the most hilarious posts (I’ll be linking it below) but I’ll be sharing some of my favorites so that you will be able to see it. (and laugh about it.)

So, here it goes…


I can definitely see the resemblance hahahaha. Filipino Exo-L’s, you’ve done it again!


Bimmbb!! Don’t make sabi sabi my secretss hahahaha.


Filipinos meet Goblin part 1.


Filipinos meet Goblin part 2.


Rizal’s 13 reasons why. Welcome to your tape haha.

If you want to see more of this you can go to Twitter and search for #rp612fic. It’s a fun way to spend time this holiday don’t spend your time reading for too long though.

Happy Independence Day Philippines! Mabuhay!

Here’s the link for the compilation: FilipinoTweetsThatMatter


Spreading Positivity

Graduation posts of elementary and high school batch mates are flooding my fb feed. I’m not gonna lie, I do feel envious sometimes, thinking that I should’ve graduated this year too. If only I didn’t took a year of break.

But there’s nothing we can do about it. What’s done is done, we can’t return to the past. Let’s live in the present and hope for a better future.

Envying them will not take me anywhere. So I’m trying to make them an inspiration for me to do my best and finish my studies. Fighting!

To you whose reading this post and seeing yourself feeling left out by your batch mates or anyone close to you. I hope you won’t feel so low about it. Sooner or later you will also achieve what they accomplished, maybe even better. So keep believing and keep going. 

Maybe this is the best phase for you, to take it slow because if you go too fast you wouldn’t be able to see the beautiful scenery and feel the fresh air around you. So enjoy the ride and make the memories last. 

Just go right on as you are. God Bless!

First blog post

Hi! so this is my first blog post (yehey!). This is where I’ll talk about myself. As what I’ve written on my about me, I would like to keep my name private (nahihiya kasi ako magpakilala haha). 

Before coming here, I’ve been kinda active on tumblr, my secret garden as what I prefer to call it. That’s where I’ve been posting my writings (Sshh.. I’m a frustrated writer).  So, I’ve been there for awhile before deciding to transfer here because I believe that this would be a better platform for me to unleash myself (char! meganon nakaleash lang hahaha)

I’ve decide to blog because I’ve been inspired by Maine/Yaya Dub. Before I stumble across her blog, I was contented in posting bits and pieces of my imaginations on tumblr. Post-Maine’s blog, I realized that I should try writing more. Which is one of my New Year’s Resolution ages ago. I also wanted to try new things and be the person that I really wanted to be. You see, I’ve been interested in writing since I don’t know when and I’ve been setting aside this interest for a long time (kasi tinatamad). I think that I’ve been on my comfort zone way too long so I’m trying to break free. 

I’m planning on putting the things that I’ve post on tumblr here. I hope you’ll read it. 

I’m still new here and I’m open to constructive criticisms (though I hope that you won’t be too harsh). 

That’s all for my first entry. I hope someone stumble’s upon this blog and appreciate me. Thanks for reading! 😁😁