Writing Burst

I’ve found another category for my blog and as you can see on the title of this post it’s called Writing Burst. I’ve read about the writing burst when I started researching on how to improve my writing skills. So what I found there, is people telling me to write everyday. I tried… but failed miserably because I actually don’t have anything to talk about, then I found an article (I forgot the title and can’t find the link because it’s been ages since I researched about it) where they talk about the writing burst.

What you do, is you time yourself while writing (preferably 10 minutes), you can write literally anything that comes to your mind (i.e people you hate, movies you like, the sky, the door, the table) and you’re not allowed to edit it. It doesn’t have to make any sense, it just have to be written.

I actually write the Introduction for my writing burst as a writing burst *anudaw?*. Well anyways… here’s the Writing Burst Introduction on my phone. (p.s it’s cringe-worthy)

Writing about something and not worrying about the quality of work. Writing something spontaneously. Whatever comes to your mind, write it in. Reading this will makes you question “what?” because even I, don’t know what the message is all about. It’s unedited so it’s nonsense.

Oh gosh the cringe!! I’m trying really hard to be deep at that time so… there’s that.

I’ll be posting some of my writing burst in the future if they’re acceptable. It wouldn’t be great, so I’m going with acceptable haha.