Remain strong, Philippines.

Disappointing. The current government of this country, I'm starting to find it disappointing. I was one of the majority who put our country into this mess and yes, I'm regretting it. This is not what I expected actually. I was supportive on this "war of drugs" before, since I believe that it will help the … Continue reading Remain strong, Philippines.


Ways to De-Stress After a Bad Day

So much for a stressful day! This is just what I needed 😊

Breathe, April.

I saw a tweet from a reader asking for quote to deal with stress. This post isn’t a quote but I like to share my ways to de-stress after a bad or tiring day. Enjoy and I hope it helps.

πŸƒ Warm shower

– The soothing warmth instantly calms our body.

πŸƒ Wear your best sleepwear.

– For home buddies like me, our room is our sanctuary. It’s where we spend most of our time. So invest in good pajamas and sleepwear. The instant pop of color on your starry night pull over or the comfiness of your pizza printed pjs can instantly give you cozy feeling.

πŸƒ Night routine

– A lot of us have routines before we go to sleep. From putting beauty products to organizing our bed. Whatever your routine is, you must do it mindfully to divert your thoughts away from the anxious feeling.

πŸƒ Music

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I'm regretting that I didn't start this blog and I didn't take journaling seriously earlier. I've been to a lot of places last year and I didn't get to write about it because I'm not writing passionately at that time. I've done a lot of adventurous things and I didn't get to express the memories … Continue reading Regrets?