Lies, Deception, Betrayal

Why do people lie?

You do good deeds to them but what do the repay you with? Betrayal. How can people have the audacity to deceive those who doesn’t deserve it. How can people who you trust so well, befriended for a long time do cruel things at your back while showing kindheartedness in front of you. Then in the long run twist the story and make you the villain.

Adults, how dare you teach children manners, respect, honesty and integrity when you do not even understand the meaning of it? How dare you tell us that “Honesty is the best policy” when you’re showing us lies, deception and betrayal? How dare you tell us the story of the “Little red riding hood” when you’re showing us the wolf wrapped up in human clothing? How dare you make us believe in fantasies and fairytale then break us with the harshness of reality? How dare you mold us to be an upright person then corrupt our minds when we grow up?

How does humans have the most inhumane characteristic in the world?

Greediness, as a child I was taught that it was never a positive attitude. I was told that kindness to others is a virtue. Growing up, I realized that the words “kindness to others” means being nice in front of them then stabbing them at the back.

I’m nearing the responsibilities and problems that the adults have been facing but I hope to not be like the ones that I’ve mentioned above, I don’t want to be like the ones that I’ve mentioned above.

I know, I’m not really a good person. Despite having a religious name, I have my share of bad deeds but I plan to live by with Tablo’s words,

“Robbing someone’s smile and putting it on your face doesn’t make you happy”. 

Life isn’t just about me. Eternal Life is living for others.



LANY Appreciation Post

Okay, first of all, I’m not joining the bandwagon–just stating, since there are a lot of people who criticizes late fans of a certain group/band just because they started liking them after they became mainstream.– Come on people! can we stop labeling everything. Can’t we just like the things, music, movies, books etc. without being criticized? Anyway, that’s not the topic that I want to talk about.

I first heard LANY through one of my favorite Wattpad author, Jonaxx. She was asked online on what LANY song is her favorite and she answered ILYSB. Of Course, I searched for it and fell in love with the band eversince, I even promoted them to my friend Cat, and found out that she also love them.

I supeeerrr love their lyrics and how they incorporated the music to match the song, and Paul’s voice just makes it better. I love listening to their songs when I’m feeling sentimental. I also find it easier to write something when listening to their songs.

Paul’s voice is really soothing and it brings so much feels, and when you listen to the lyrics you’ll definitely feel the emotion, for example in ILYSB, when he sang the Oh my heart hurts so good, I love you Babe, so bad  part, You would feel the love. I’m not sure about you but for me it really hit me in the feels and it makes me formulate an image of falling in love with the right person. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

When I’m looking for inspiration I usually listen to songs, and LANY will probably be next to Mayday Parade/Jason Lancaster on my list of singer/band to listen to.

If you want to listen to LANY’s songs I’d suggest to search “LANY playlist” on Youtube.

Before ending this post, let me tell you my current top 5 LANY songs. Other than my top 1, the others were like interchanging with their ranks.

My favorite LANY song would be HURTS. I am so in love with the lyrics of this song especially the I was just fine, if we didn’t work. But now, that you’re mine. The more I love, the more it hurts part. I find it romantic and heartbreaking at the same time. I think Paul’s way of expressing the song adds up to its charm.

My top 4, since it’s in no particular order I’ll just list it down.

  • ILYSB – of course the first ever LANY song that I’ve heard would be in my list. My favorite part of this song was the Iconic Oh my heart hurts so good, I love you Babe, so bad part I don’t know why I typed that again when I already typed it above hahaha</small>
  • Pink Skies – this was the song that I would listen to when I’m inside a car on a way to somewhere looking at the open window and seeing the skies, the trees, the mountains and feeling the wind hit my face.
  • Super Far – this song is also on my “on-the-road/travel vlog songs” playlist. What I like in this song was the happy vibe that it has even though the lyrics wasn’t that happy. It has that contradicting charm.
  • Current Location – just like ILYSB and Hurts I love the lyrics of this song especially the Fly back to me, come back to me then stay with me line.


That’s all for my LANY Appreciation Post. If you’ve come this Super far (pun intended. sorry) on my post (and even if you didn’t) Thanks for reading!

New Year’s… (Late, I Know)

It’s been a while since the last time that I’ve written(post) anything. Busy? Not. I wouldn’t consider myself busy, just preoccupied with my internship. Anyway, it’s already 2018 and I just want to talk about my plans this year (kinda like a New Year’s resolution).

First. Health. I want to consult an opthalmologist, I wanted to take care of myself more this year.

Second. Adulting. Trying to lool for a company so that when I graduated, I already have a lot of prospect companies to apply to.

Third. Adulting Part II. I want to be more independent this year. Since I would be graduating, I wanted to be less dependent to my parents and my sisters. I want to be able to stand by myself.

Fourth. Unwind. I hope this year I would be able to find time to unwind and relax. I guess you can call this soul searching. I feel like I needed this one the most. I really feel lost right now and I wanted to find myself.

Fifth. Improve my attitude. I know this will take time but I have 12 months to cover this plan, right? I want to be more confident. They say (or I’m making this up) confidence is a woman’s beauty. I wanted to be confident in myself that I would have the courage to face people without embarrassing myself because I can’t even speak. Not just being confident, I also want to stop being judgmental and you know all those attitudes that I don’t like seeing in other people. And me having that kind of attitude makes me a hypocrite, right?

Sixth. Happiness. I know the negative side of things will always be there, life is not always bright and the world is full of pessimism but I wanted to be the person who will be optimistic, in this world full of negativity. I know that there will come a time where I will feel really bad and sad about certain things but I want to appreciate the happiness more than the loneliness. Life is full of uncertainty, but let’s count the bliss, not the sorrow.

I guess that’s all for my first ever 2018 blog post. I hope for more good days and even if it’s not, let’s make every day worthwhile.

Edit: upon checking, I saw that this is not my first ever 2018 post. stupid me 😂😂. 


I’m terrified in making mistakes and receiving criticisms because of it. I know that I should suck it up and see my mistakes as an opportunity to be better but that’s not the case, I usually sulk and lost my will and motivation to do things.

This is what I’ve realized just recently, that I’m the kind of person who needs to hear constant compliments, and if I ever hear negative feedbacks about what I did, my world will come crashing down. I find it hard to accept that the thing that I worked hard for hours/days isn’t done correctly. Then I’ll looked back and blame myself for not doing it properly and would waste my time thinking of the excuse that I’ll be using so that my not-so-satisfiable work would be justified. Which I think is not a very nice attitude to have. Let’s just say that I don’t take criticisms very well.

I’m not an overachiever person. If there is any adjective that would best describe my skills it would be mediocre. So I shouldn’t have this kind of thinking, but you see, I deemed myself as a person who wants to be recognized, who wants to be superior, who wants to be on top. Leading to these thoughts of me, being a disappointment.

I see myself as a coward. I’m anxious about the future. I’m scared of the things that may possibly happen. I’m afraid because I made a mistake and I know that I’ll be facing the aftermath of my own doings.

I’m making this look like I did something really bad when it’s trivial, it’s just that my overthinking self starts bothering me again, making me worry even though there’s nothing to worry about. Well it’s okay after letting it all out here (writing), I’ll be fine.

And so, I wanted to be able to change that perspective, I want to be able to accept negative words thrown at me positively. Of course I don’t know where to start, but I would be able to. I hope!


I admire you for holding up too well. You’ve fought well. Despite the pain, you managed to last long. It must be hard acting like your okay when you’re definitely not. Trying to be strong for others when you yourself can barely stand.

You did great. You’ve worked hard. You’ve hold on long enough to be an inspiration. I hope that you’ve found the serenity that you’re looking for.

You showed us colors when you’re world is black. You’ve shone light despite your own darkness. I guess you’ve fed the black dog too much, in the end it gets greedier that it swallows you instead.

You’ve done a good job fighting. I know it’s too bad that you didn’t get to achieve your happiness, but I guess it’s time for you to stop reaching for it. You’ve suffered enough so rest now, Jonghyun.

It’s hard to accept that we have to say goodbye but if saying goodbye will bring you peace, I will accept it with a heavy heart.

But if you want me to smile, I’ll smile for you.

You did well. You’ve worked hard. I’ve said it a lot of times, you have done a very great job

Rest in Peace, Jonghyun.

How can I?

I hate me now

For forcing myself to you.

When you clearly don’t feel the butterflies,

And your heart doesn’t react anymore.

I hate me now,

That you’re guilty for feeling that way

I gave all of my love away,

But why does your heart still change?


Baby, I tell you how much I love you

But every time that I do,

I see the way your countenance change.

Baby, I looked at you,

And know, it’s hard for you to tell me that it’s over.



How can I say?

That you’re the reason for my happiness,

When I’m the cause of your remorse?

How can I tell you to stay?

When your heart barely wants to hold on,

And you clearly wanted to move on.

How can I?



I hate you now.

Why can’t you love me the way I love you?

What will your apology do?

Can it heal my heart or would you


Hate me now?

Because I already figured it out,

With the way that you looked at me,

And the indifference that you’ve shown me.

How can I not notice that something has change?


Baby, I tell you how much I love you

But every time that I do,

I see the way your countenance change.

Baby, I looked at you,

And know, it’s hard for you to tell me that it’s over.



How can I say?

That you’re the reason for my happiness,

When I’m the cause of your remorse?

How can I tell you to stay?

When your heart barely wants to hold on,

And you clearly wanted to move on.

How can I say?


You don’t love me no more.

You don’t love me no more.

How can your heart change when I treasure it the most?

You don’t love me no more.

How can I accept that

You can’t love me no more.


How can I?



If you’re a Kpop fan you probably noticed the Day6 reference of this composition. Well that’s because I’ve written this as an answer kinda? to Day6’s How can I say.

When I heard the song, I was first drawn by it’s melody, but when I read the English translation, I fell in love with it! I just appreciate it more when I already know what the song is about and I’ve always wanted to write something that talks about falling out of love in the perception of the person who falls out of love (which I still haven’t done) because I’m really curious about it. So imagine my feels when I read the lyrics, it’s uncontainable!

I actually wanted to write this composition way, way before when the song was first released but didn’t find the right time to really write it.

Anyway, I already did and I hoped that I bring justice to the original lyrics although I know that I still have a super looong way to go.



I haven’t been writing/posting in here for a long time. I’m not really that busy though. It’s just that I’ve already start my internship last week and the week before that was dedicated in getting all my requirements and enrollment. I told myself that I’ll follow a schedule of when to write but then I find it hard to find time. I remember when I first started I post a schedule of when I’ll update this blog but I didn’t even follow it. So I think I’ll just keep my schedule to my self and silently follow it.

Going back to the things that I’ve been doing for these past few days. I already start my internship last Tuesday and so far I’ve been enjoying it. I get to meet new people and I love the fact that it didn’t take that long for me to find someone to hang out with — I usually couldn’t hang out with people that I just met –. I get to see celebrities too since I’m doing my internship at a TV network.

I also get to experience the harsh reality of commuting. I actually don’t have any problems in transportation when I’m going to the office but when I’m going home it’s a disaster! My first two days of going home from the office was a nightmare. All the jeepney’s are full so I have to wait for a long time to get a ride. The second day of commuting from the office to home was probably on the top 5 of my most embarrassing moments! I rode a full-looking jeepney because the driver said that it still has seats for passengers so I tried to sit — during the process of me finding a sit, the jeepney already move — but you see, I TRIED to sit, the problem was there’s no place to sit so I keep pretending that I was okay and I’m sitting when the truth is I’m using my leg power to survive! But I couldn’t hold on for that long since I’m already tired from of my internship so I’ve decided to just sit on the jeepney floor which is more comfortable than pretending to sit. The lady sitting across from me looks like she wanted to do something so that I can sit, she kept asking a guy passenger to give me some space but I told her that it was okay. During that time I couldn’t look up at all because of the embarrassment. Anyway, I already found an alternative so that I can go home comfortably although it’s a little bit pricey but atleast I wouldn’t be having that kind of trouble again.

On a different note, I’ve been addicted to online shopping nowadays I just love the feeling of waiting and receiving a package. So all in all I ordered 5 books, a bag, a watch, and a planner. Is that too much? I wanted to buy more but you know, money.

Another thing that I did last week was to get a PSA copy of my birth certificate since I needed it for my passport appointment. I actually have the NSO copy of my birth certificate but I read online that the NSO copy is not accepted anymore and that they only accept the PSA copy.

I guess that’s all for today’s post. I need to edit my internship narrative report now so byeee…