LANY Appreciation Post

Okay, first of all, I’m not joining the bandwagon–just stating, since there are a lot of people who criticizes late fans of a certain group/band just because they started liking them after they became mainstream.– Come on people! can we stop labeling everything. Can’t we just like the things, music, movies, books etc. without being criticized? Anyway, that’s not the topic that I want to talk about.

I first heard LANY through one of my favorite Wattpad author, Jonaxx. She was asked online on what LANY song is her favorite and she answered ILYSB. Of Course, I searched for it and fell in love with the band eversince, I even promoted them to my friend Cat, and found out that she also love them.

I supeeerrr love their lyrics and how they incorporated the music to match the song, and Paul’s voice just makes it better. I love listening to their songs when I’m feeling sentimental. I also find it easier to write something when listening to their songs.

Paul’s voice is really soothing and it brings so much feels, and when you listen to the lyrics you’ll definitely feel the emotion, for example in ILYSB, when he sang the Oh my heart hurts so good, I love you Babe, so bad  part, You would feel the love. I’m not sure about you but for me it really hit me in the feels and it makes me formulate an image of falling in love with the right person. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

When I’m looking for inspiration I usually listen to songs, and LANY will probably be next to Mayday Parade/Jason Lancaster on my list of singer/band to listen to.

If you want to listen to LANY’s songs I’d suggest to search “LANY playlist” on Youtube.

Before ending this post, let me tell you my current top 5 LANY songs. Other than my top 1, the others were like interchanging with their ranks.

My favorite LANY song would be HURTS. I am so in love with the lyrics of this song especially the I was just fine, if we didn’t work. But now, that you’re mine. The more I love, the more it hurts part. I find it romantic and heartbreaking at the same time. I think Paul’s way of expressing the song adds up to its charm.

My top 4, since it’s in no particular order I’ll just list it down.

  • ILYSB – of course the first ever LANY song that I’ve heard would be in my list. My favorite part of this song was the Iconic Oh my heart hurts so good, I love you Babe, so bad part I don’t know why I typed that again when I already typed it above hahaha
  • Pink Skies – this was the song that I would listen to when I’m inside a car on a way to somewhere looking at the open window and seeing the skies, the trees, the mountains and feeling the wind hit my face.
  • Super Far – this song is also on my “on-the-road/travel vlog songs” playlist. What I like in this song was the happy vibe that it has even though the lyrics wasn’t that happy. It has that contradicting charm.
  • Current Location – just like ILYSB and Hurts I love the lyrics of this song especially the Fly back to me, come back to me then stay with me line.


That’s all for my LANY Appreciation Post. If you’ve come this Super far (pun intended. sorry) on my post (and even if you didn’t) Thanks for reading!