I admire you for holding up too well. You’ve fought well. Despite the pain, you managed to last long. It must be hard acting like your okay when you’re definitely not. Trying to be strong for others when you yourself can barely stand.

You did great. You’ve worked hard. You’ve hold on long enough to be an inspiration. I hope that you’ve found the serenity that you’re looking for.

You showed us colors when you’re world is black. You’ve shone light despite your own darkness. I guess you’ve fed the black dog too much, in the end it gets greedier that it swallows you instead.

You’ve done a good job fighting. I know it’s too bad that you didn’t get to achieve your happiness, but I guess it’s time for you to stop reaching for it. You’ve suffered enough so rest now, Jonghyun.

It’s hard to accept that we have to say goodbye but if saying goodbye will bring you peace, I will accept it with a heavy heart.

But if you want me to smile, I’ll smile for you.

You did well. You’ve worked hard. I’ve said it a lot of times, you have done a very great job

Rest in Peace, Jonghyun.